A fire loss at a local Church

     All business owners face risk when starting out and managing their operations - whether it be financial, economic, legal, governmental and competitve risks, it is critical to the succcess of that business to reduce those risks, while protecting and enhancing the business assets.  The Risk Management technique of Insurance plays a crucial role in protecting business assets. 

     The "Transfer of Risk" is as old as the ancient Chinese practice by farmers who divided their harvest in different boats for delivery to market - in case one boat sank, at least they hadn't lost their entire supply; as familiar as investors writing their name underneath a posting at Lloyd's restaurant in London - hence the term "Underwriter"; to our current methods of Insurance Companies collecting premiums from many similar type risks, in return for the promise to pay for covered losses.

     Your business faces many risks that can be insured for covered losses - Liability claims, Property losses, Automobile and Workers Compensation accidents, to name a few.   At The Covenant Agency, LLC you will receive the type of insurance services you deserve and need to help you reduce and hopefully prevent the losses that could hurt your business - all with the Coverage, Protection and Affordability to help protect your hard earned assets.

Type of Commercial Insurance Policies provided by The Covenant Agency:

* Business Owner's Package - for retailers, wholesalers, legal, professional, office, manufacturer's and other businesses.

* Contractor's Package - for General Contractors, Artisans and other Trades.

* Condominium Associations and Trusts policies.

* Apartment Owners policies.

* Churches, Synagogues and other Houses of Worship policies.

* Worker's Compensation policies.

* Commercial Automobile - from single vehicles to fleets.

* Commercial Umbrella policies.

* Cargo - either domestic "inland" cargo or import/export "ocean" cargo policies.

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The Advantages of The Covenant Agency.

A Promise of Protection 

A Commitment of Coverage

An Agreement of Affordability

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"All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful toward those who keep the demands of his Covenant". - Psalm 25:10